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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Making Decisions

Trying to make as many decisions as we can as we get ready to start trying for #2, call it what you want but this time around I am going to be prepared, almost to prepared but I'm trying to get our ducks in a row.
I keep going back and forth with this one, Daddi T does to..  We keep tossing ideas up in the air and we just can't seem to come to an agreement. I realize we have nearly a year to do all of this stuff. I like the head start..

Cribs? I'm not sure if we should just reuse T's furniture for the new baby and get T all new furniture.
because if we did, we saw this cute set at IKEA. I think he would love it. BUT whats holding me back are a few things.
1st: we purchased this crib so that it would grow with him. The crib we got was a Davinci Emily 4 in 1. in Ebony Black with matching dresser and diaper changer. The bed changes into an actual twin/ or queen bed and that was the idea when purchasing this particular set.
2nd of all: the fact that its black is bothering me for the new baby, all the bedding etc  I would like to get is more for an expresso or walnut finish or if we are blessed with a girl (please please please) I wanted an antique white.

So we keep going back and forth, I would like to get the baby all new furniture minus the baby changer, because really we NEVER used T's it was a waste except for the drawer space.  On the other hand I would like to purchaseT an all new bedset at IKEA, like here's a HUGE Big Boy gift for the new little thing that is about to take over your space. (bribe ya know) and use the old stuff for the 2nd kiddo.
ughh.. I just can't see to make up my mind.
What are some of your opinions?
Keep the grow with me crib for T and get new stuff for baby?
or Keep T's grow with me furniture and use for baby # 2 and get all new stuff for T?
Either way we will be spending money, and too be honest it would be abou the same costs if we go either way, its just making that decsion?   Any suggestions? What did you do? 

Here is what I'm working with: 
The Entire Set
In Ebony Black
The set as a Twin/Queen Bed. Not in Black, but you get the idea.

So this bed is a Bunk Bed but, it changes as you can see. This bed has two conversions to it.
We would use the bed this way until T was big enough to climb the latter up. Although i'm sure he would love to do so now, but thats a little much for a 2 yr old. I definitely like this set up, not only that when we flip it they have an attachment that makes like a tent for the top which is pretty neat, the bottom turns into his own little cubby. So I'm stumped to say the least. What do you think?
I don't know what to do. I would love to get all new stuff for baby # 2, especially if we have a GIRL.  I want that antique white finish crib. 
Any suggestions would be great.


Ann and Chris Armenta said...

I'd be stumped too if your position. Cause the new bed you picked out for T is SUPER cute but I also like what you have now and it is functional.

If it was me, I'd PROBABLY end up selling what we had now. Buy all new stuff for BOTH babies and lose Not ideal but I tend to change my mind a lot when I see "new" ideas. DH loathes that I do that. Not much help I know. Sorry!!

Patty said...

I say buy the new bed for T. It may help him adjust a bit better with a new baby on the way. Plus a tent for the top, how freakin fun is that?! You can totally dress up the black furniture and accessorize to make it more girly.