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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Jersey/ New York Vacation

Finally...  taken me a little bit to post this..

We had a great trip, can't beat New Jersey in October. The weather there is AWESOME.  We had a short but very fun trip. We left on the 7th and returned the 11th.

The plane ride for T was fabulous, he was nothing short of an amazing passenger, I was super surprised!!
Not that my kid is bad, but being this was his first time, altitude changes etc I was alittle nervous.
The flight was about 5 hrs - it included 2 movies, a nap, coloring and playing with the little boy who sat right in front of us!! PERFECT!!

The entire time we were there, it was go go go.. and T handled it very well.

The first night we chilled with my Aunts and Uncles, she made us an awesome dinner and dessert. We stayed up chatting etc. then hit the sack because we planned a trip to New York -
Oct 8th - we headed to NY, We took the train to New York and walked the streets, walked and walked and walked, We went to FAO shwarz and Rock a feller center, Times Square, we took the subway to the site of the Towers and what a sight to see.. Its so crazy to think that at one point there was two towers standing and taking up the space that now was completely empty.. Crazyness!!
Their were so many first for T and it was fun to just see him take it all in. We also went to Central Park and walked through it. We let T out of the stroller to stretch his legs. 
Oct 9th, 10th
We went to Seaside Heights and also my Cousins Rehearsal Dinner.  Tristan of course was in heaven at the beach, I wish we could of stayed and let him play in the sand, but we were on time restraints. We did take him on the Merry Go Round and he loved that.
Oct 10th was my Cousins Wedding and it was absolutely beautiful. She was married in a Greek Orthodox Chapel and its definitely not the normal/traditional Vows etc.. Everything is done in 3's and there are no vows spoke.  I ended up having to go outside with T, and John stayed back to take pics.
After we headed out to the reception, the Reception was at a Farm. This place is straight out of a movie.. When we pulled onto the dirt road it was nothing but trees, and brush around us and then all of the sudden it opened up into this HUGE house with horses and farm land, it was GREEN and so BEAUTIFUL!!! 
The reception was alot of fun and I'm so happy we were able to go and celebrate that day with her.

Pictures to follow..

Sandra & James

FAO Shwarz in New York

Right Before the Wedding

The first night we got there.

Trevino Family

My Mom and I waiting for the Train to N.Y.

Sandra and James, I DO

T and 2nd Cousin Nya

My Sis and Cousin

and when we returned reality very nicely slapped me in the face, on that following Friday I had to take T to the Pediatrician because he wasn't feeling so hot and was diagnosed with Strep Throat.. Poor dude.  I knew something was up on our vacation, but I really wasn't 100% sure because he's so resilient when it comes to being sick. He had allergies before we left and so did I , but nothing more. or so I thought. He lost his appetite but I really just figured it was because of the changes, different house, different time zones etc.
come to find out, ALL symptoms of having strep.. :bad mom award should go to me:  BUT he is now healthy and good to go. Got em meds and he's a happy camper!!

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Lisa said...

How fun! Love that shirt you were wearing at the wedding.