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Friday, August 6, 2010

As promised.. 2 goals in progress

87. Purchase 2 new/used children’s books for 6 months for T- (6/12)

T & I will be going to the bookstore today, I have some pretty great coupons to use. So I figured we could stalk up on some new literture. I love that T Loves books, I hated reading when I was little, so I introduced T to books early on, for the most part- he just likes to look at the pics and tell me what they are and we sound out the words etc.. anyway- so I will be purchasing  some new books for him today..

58. Re-do my budget every 6 months
So this week I decided to re do my budget again, there's a few things I needed to change. The last of my debt with CC's needs some revamping - and I wanted to make sure that every dime I send to these cards gets me somewhere and fast!!  So I went ahead and revamped the whole thing, not only that our daycare provider uped her prices on me beginning August - so I needed to adjust some things around to accomodate that.  I have also started a small savings plan - for "future kiddo"  this will be for, diapers, formula, dreaded daycare costs etc. I figured I should start now, just so its not a shock to the system after the 2nd arrives. I hope it works out to my advantage and things stay balanced. 

So, there are my two for the week..  =)  Back on track finally.. and thank goodness, because this week surely has thrown me for a loop.

Happy Weekend!!  =)

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