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Sunday, July 18, 2010

One Question?

I need some advice, ideas anything. .I'm pretty stumped on what to do with my 2 year old.
I thought 1 year temper tantrums were bad, who was I kidding?  Two year old tantrums along with screaming and talking fits with telling me NO and SHUT UP, I'm about to lose my cool.
We spank in this house, but to be honest I really don't like this form of dicepline. Not to mention it does nothing.  I have tried putting him in his room, until he can calm down, which I do about a minute, after thats done I go in, explain to T what he did and why he was put in time out, BUT REALLY  he just looks at me like Whatev Mom, You wann play? 
UGHHHH..  My Son, is an awesome little boy, he's good 95% of the time the 5% I speak of, is at its worse.
So does anyone have any advice on diciplining, any ideas on what they did, and if it worked? 

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Ann and Chris Armenta said...

I wish I had some advice for you but I'm rounding this corner with E now. He will be one in a little over a month and the tantrums are rearing their ugly heads and it is not a pretty sight! His come with scrunched up fists, beet red face and kicking and screaming. Fun huh? Good luck and I look forward to any advice you get :)