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Monday, July 19, 2010

Baby Makin Readyness?

Seriously I have been thinking about this A LOT, I mean a lot..  The hubs and I have discussed starting in December. I'm pretty excited, because this time around, I get to have the upper hand on when we get pregnant.  When I found out I was prego with T I was very , I mean VERY surprised, I had NO idea. I was on birth control and took it religiously (yes I'm the 1% out of the 99% effective). Except apparently the few weeks leading up to T picking me to be his momma it wasn't so effective, or I wasn't so effective at taking it at the same time every day..
 You shoulda saw my reaction, I was in disbelief and if you can think of the scene from knocked up - where they run to the drug store and are throwing every single prego test in the basket, YES that was me!! Since I had only bought one test on my way home, thinking Pshh I know I'm not but, ya know my period is late and it usually is ALWAYS on time I figured I should give it a whirl.  HA!!!  I think my mouth dropped and I had to take a seat back on the toilet when I saw Pregnant  pop up. We now call T my B-day present, nice right..

 Now that I get to actually do some preparing, I want to do it right. I guess there is  no right or wrong way to do it.. but for me I would like to be at a better weight than I was, I want to be working out and continue to be able to do so through out this pregnancy. I want this pregnancy to be VERY different from the first one. The first one I was thrown into it and so unprepared, I was super overweight and was not excersing, I watched what I ate to an extent, but definitley could of been better about it. I ended up with a c-section, I was induced and  failed to progress, my BP was high at the end, I was so swollen and uncomfortable at the end as well.  I do NOT want to have to go through that again, my hopes are to have a VBAC. I know my OB is for it as well.  I have been doing research etc on VBAC's so I feel like I'm pretty informed in that sense, but I still need to make sure I talk to my Dr about it and make it VERY clear that a VBAC is the way I would like to have it done, I will not ask to be induced and I hope labor will start on its own and I can do most of the laboring at home (thats the hope, but I know there's a lot that could change) I'm okay with that, but I want the oppurtunity to at least try my way.
 December seems to be inching closer and closer, so I'm trying to map out a good plan. Definitely includes losing at least 17 lbs of the weight I gained back from my wedding, and then some would be nice. Eating healthy again and going  back to the gym on a daily basis.  My goal would be down 25lbs  I would be happy with that.. More than happy. =) 

What other things did you do to make your 2nd, 3rd pregnancy better than the last?

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Jess said...

Two of my three children were conceived while on the pill. Taking it perfectly. My son was born 13 months after my first baby, so there was no preparation there. It was sort of like second-kid boot camp. And my pregnancy? Pretty much exactly the same as my first. Got really fat.

This last pregnancy was a total surprise. On the pill. Sheeesh. But. It was totally different. I didn't gain much at all. And i was really, really sick. Ugh.

Which is why I made my husband go see the doctor. Because three kids, and I'm only 31, and OMG I cannot have any more babies.