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Friday, May 21, 2010

101 N 1001 Changes and Accompliishments

Whewww... I am BEHIND!!!  No joke  eh...

Ok well lets catch up!! =)
Here we goooooooooo.............

#1 Lets change this one from going to Yoga - TO-  Go to Bootcamp every Sat for 3 months. (0/12)

#2. Exercise 3 times a week for 6 months:  (90/124)
I have definitly been doing this, not so much the last 2 weeks but, before we left for our cruise I was hittin the Gym every day doing cardio and training.. Definitly gotta get back

#6 Drink 8 glasses of  water a day. for 7 days-   Completed  04/30/10
I did this the week before we left on our cruise. I took water pills so I could shed all the bloat.. So in order for me to do that I had to drink NOTHING but loads of water!! 

15. Take One mommy day a month:  (7/30)  Pedicures, My hair done, and my nails, facials, and much needed shopping time..

17. Get  a pedicure once a month  (1/10)
Got one right before our cruise, time for another

26. Get a facial once every month for 6 months  (2/6)
I was able to get one in March and then again in April.. So refreshing!!

28. Watch less T.V.  completed  April- May
I have had noooo time to actually sit down and watch T.V. by the time I can sit down, I just want to go to bed! 

41.  Go on our Honeymoon/Anniversary Cruise- COMPLETED May 3-8, 2010

52. Plan our trip to New Jersey for my cousin's wedding- 10/10/10- Completed 05/17/10
We fly out 10/07/10 and come home 10/11/10  so excited

60.  Stick to budget - Completed
I was kind of forced to do this, and it payed off which I'm really proud of myself. Making lists and sticking to them, clipping coupons and watching what we really need.. It allowed me to save about $1000 to take with me on our cruise, and I even brought money home!!  :0) 

62. Clip Coupons and use them.  Completed
I have always clipped coupons, but using them was the part I forgot.. so I made sure that whenever I needed to go shopping I would pull my coupons first and then look at ads, and wahla.. Saved money and stuck to my budget!!

65. When grocery shopping stick with whats on the list- Completed
I did this for about 3 months before we left for our cruise, to save money!  It definitely helped me, and allowed me to stay more organized.. Most times I will just go to the store blind and just buy what  i think we need and I really didn't need most of the items I bought.. ;/ So making a list, looking in the cabinets and writing things down the minute we ran out helped out a TON!

79. Take Tristan for his 2 year pics- In progress
I'm pretty excited because this will allow me to accomplish not only this goal, but another.
I set up an appt with my favorite photog and we are going to head up to Jerome, Az to take some pics. I have never been to Jerome and this will help me complete one of my other goals about visiting new places in AZ.. This is for not only T's Birthday pics, but family pics..   I can't wait.. I'm hoping it will be way cooler up there, because last year in July taking T's first pics at the park was HOT and sweaty.. yuck!!

85. Throw Tristan's 2nd Birthday.  In Progress
I think EVERY birthday should be celebrated, so of course we had a huge bash for T's 1st Birthday, but I'm feeling like this year we will tone it down just a bit. This year we are just going to go to Peter Piper, for Pizza and cake, invite close friends and family and thats about it. I'm being pretty laid back about this one.. I know he's still just to little to understand which is fine. but just because he may not understand does NOT mean he doesn't get a Birthday.. I am still doing a theme though.. MOTORCYCLES since he is IN LOVE with those things..

89.  Organize my desk and be clutter free- Completed  April, 2010
I was kind of forced to do this.  J's cousin moved in with us and the bedroom he moved into was the office. so we had to make some new arrangements and quite honetsly I like the new arrangements, ( I mean the furniture, not the added person) kidding kidding. Its for good reason and the in house babysitter is wonderful!! =)
Well back to getting organized... So I had to put all my papers, bills, etc etc etc  away and organized, since our office has been moved out to a room that is seen by people that come to our house.. Its actually quite nice to see my desk again!  =)

98. Donate to the Arizona Humane Society  3/3  - Completed  05/17/10
I love donating, and especially to homeless doggies  =(  I wish I could win the lottery because there are just so many charities I would be helping out!!

Welp, There's my updates!!  I changed one goal!!  and I'm going to try and work on making the NEW list.. which I'm pretty positive that the goals I don't complete will definitly be transferred!  HA


Ann and Chris Armenta said...

Congrats on being so productive!!

Jamie said...

Good job on your list!!

For the should go to the girl that Mya and I see. She is right by your house and does an AMAZING job!

Jenni said...

jaime really?? message me on FB..

Thanks girls.. some of them I didnt really realize I was doing them, being so busy but as I thought about it especially the mommy days, pedicures, facials etc.. they all kinda fell into place.. =)