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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This laptop issue *$*%*$)#**(%$)$(#*

Is really effing bugging the shit outta me.. I'm going insane not having my laptop available, IT SUCKS!!! I think I may be having withdrawals.. Pathetic really!! I could go and use the husbands computer, but I don't like it and I protest..
So my only availability to a computer is my work one, and that does no justice because I have no pictures, and I can't edit them like I had planned.. grrrrr....
So Anyway - This is what I have been up to...and this would all be due to the fact that I have no access to my laptop.. All weekend, I got more cleaning done than normal, did ALL the laundry, scrap booked, and finished up one of the albums I received from a friend at my baby shower. If I may,, I would totally recommend that as a gift to someone! Make a small album and scrap book it with all the decorations so all they have to do is find the perfect pics and place them, I loved it!! I'm still going to make my very own, but it was so cool to have that. I cleaned out and reorganized all my bills at my desk, and re did my budget to be able to pay off some balances quicker. We made reservations at the Melting Pot for our Valentine's Day! I'm pretty excited, I've been there once with a few friends when I was like 8 months pregnant and we had a good time, This time I get to drink weeee.!!
T turned 19 months old yesterday.. Time is flying and I know I say this all the time, but its amazing.. He is learning more and more at the speed of lightening, its like in one day he learns 3-5 new words, and has started putting them in 2-3, 4 word sentences, its pretty neat.. I love hearing him talk, its funny because you always wonder what they will sound like when there little, and now he's talking and I love his voice, its just to cute!! AND He went Pee Pee on the Potty Chair the other night!! John and I had just got back from our long walk and were changing T into his night clothes he said "pee pee", so I took him over to his chair and he sat down and pushed down (lol) and PEED!!!!! John and I looked at each other like HOLY SHIT he really did it and then broke out in the Potty Dance, after that he looked at us like we were nuts, he got up shut the chair and said "all done". I'm sure this was a one time thing, at least for awhile but I was in shock that he told me.. So maybe -just maybe this could be a good sign? he hasn't done it since. I'm not rushing it though.
So those have been my highlights of the weekend and beginning of the week. OH except yesterday my Mom and I started with the Trainer, and OMG, he kicked my butt- royally. I know tomorrow I will be dieing!! We go back again on Sat.. eeeek.. Oh well- no pain no gain, right? Well- we signed up for 15 sessions, so this should take me right up to our cruise! So my week should consist of Monday off, Tues Trainer, Wens, Thursday and Fridays Cardio- Sat is training- Sun off. :0) I must stick with this, and I know if I do the pay off will be so worth it!!
So thats been  my exciting week...   Please Pray that I get my charger in the mail - sooon!!   PLEASE.. :/

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Lisa said...

YUM...the Melting Pot ; ) I got one of those pre made scrap books at my baby shower and I cant wait to add pics to it. And good luck with the trainer..they always kick my ass!