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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Picture Post, er Challenge

Yep Behind again and this time I blame the fact that I'm learning how to make the collages on Paint.. It SUCKS!! and its sucks because I have no idea what the EFF I am doing- I need to go to class just to learn how to do this shit!!  ugh. Anyway - Here is my 1st Project.. 

Hope it came out okay, You gotta give me a break. This is my first and trying to play with all the edits is daunting!!
Anyway- I will post again tomorrow with the rest of the pics and then from there I will be caught up and I will start the collages, so they are 7 days for the entire week.. Make sense? Yay well too bad if it didn't, kidding kidding, but I am tired.. haha

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