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Monday, February 15, 2010

Goals, Goals, Goals, and ummm goals!!!

Yep, I feel like a new person completing so many goals!!  I guess being with out the internet/laptop at home allows me to get more done.. Huh.. maybe the charger should of never of came??   Nahhhh!!! 

Anyway - So lets get started..

# 70 Get Tristan's Passport- completed 02/14/10
I am proud to say my 19 month old is the proud new owner of his very own Passport!!  Geez, I didn't even have a passport when I was that young! Anyway - that is done and outta the way.. until of course he turns 5, because kid passports are only good for 5 years..

#75 Take Tristan to Disneyland- marked in Progress
We are planning this now, Yes I realize its a year away- but we figured this would be the perfect oppurtunity. So there is a car show in Cali every year in March. I was going to take T this year, but honestly I don't think he's ready for that expierence plus a 6 hour drive home etc.. So the plan is- next year we will go to the car show leave Sat like usual- go to the show on Sunday with all of our friends and then after the show on Sunday - we head off to San diego and get to our hotel- and the next day we would go to Disney Land. I'm pretty excited about this. T will be 2 1/2 ish and I think he will have a blast!!  He will for sure be big enough to ride some of the rides and take in all the sites. I realize he may not remember it all, but I'm pretty sure it will be worth it, because the next time we go- I'm hoping we will have 2 kiddos to take with us!!;0)

#92 Complete the Frame Collage- Completed 02/10/10
I'm pretty excited about this as well, for a few months now the frames have been hanging, but with no pictures, well no pictures of us at least.. So I finally was able to go into my snapfish account and grab all the pics I uploaded. I printed them out to finish up the collage.. I love it!!  I will post a pic in a seperate post..

#98 Donate $25 to the Arizona Humane Society (2/3)
I love being able to donate to the shelter, I love dogs - as much as I get annoyed by my own.I still love them and would be devistated if anything happened to them.  I wish I could donate more, but right now $25 is what I can do and I know that it helps. If you can donate; to any shelter for that matter- definitely try. :0)

#54 Rent one Movie a Month for 6 Months  - This completes my Goal
John got the new movie, Couples Retreat..   Very cute and very Funny Movie, Definitely worth renting! 

#2 Exercise 3 times a week for 6 Months
So since my cruise is coming up and it seems to be coming up very FAST!!  I have stepped up my game A LOT!!  I have made it a GOAL to get my ass to the gym 3 times a week for strict Cardio. My Mom and  I hired a trainer and we started with him last Tues which was 02/09/10- we go Tues and Sat. and Sat he kicked my ASS.. I am hurting in places I never thought possible.. Oh well I know its for a good cause!!
Not only that on my days off, John and I go walk/jogging with T at night. John is trying to lose weight as well, so I go with him and of course T loves going.   Surprisingly in the last 2 1/2 weeks I have lost 6 1/2 lbs, no joke, I weighed myself at the Gym and then weighed agian this Sat.. and BAM!!  weee.. 

#3 Lose 15lbs - I am changing it up-  it will be 25lbs

#43 Date nights with John
I'm defintely counting yesterday as one of our date nights, I know it was Valentine's Day, and I'm so glad my Mom watched T for us.  We were able to go the Melting Pot and it was AMAZING!!  We had such a good time, we laughed and joked and honestly I feel reconnected with him. It sucks that once you have a kiddo, you feel connected but in a different way then it used to be, not in a husband and wife way.. So with that said, we had a great time, the food was delish and I can't even begin to tell you how yummy the dessert was!!  You must try it if you have one in your area. Its a little pricey and yesterday I think it was way overpriced for the holiday, but in my opinion way worth it!!

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Ann and Chris Armenta said...

Great job on finishing so many goals! Definately motivates my lazy rear end lol ;P