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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some Goals to Speak of.. #2, #15, #54,

#2 Exercise 3 times a week for an Hour (5/124)
I forgot about this one, but as I passed it I was like Hey, I did that one. Its not completed but Last week I worked out more than 3 times a week and for an hour.   woohoo GO ME!!  Even Better the hubs said he noticed?!! Maybe he was just trying to get layed. hahah but it was nice to hear!! :0)

#15 Take one Mommy day a Month (4/30)
So last Saturday I was able to get some much needed mommy time to myself . I was able to go get my hair done. I colored and cut it. So now I feel refreshed.. It was nice just visiting with my Hair Stylist, even if it was for 2 hours.. I even went and got some lunch by myself and enjoyed every single bite without having to rush through.. so nice.. :0) 

#54 Rent one movie a month and blog about them
So we kinda cheated, because we are up two in Jan. alone. Which in my book is awesome, because somehow after having a kid movie night disappeared with what felt like no return in sight. So I canceled Netflix because it was a waste of money and pretty much wrote off ever watching movies excepet what was on HBO.. Woohoo.. Oh well. welcome to having kids I suppose.
BUT.. I have to say- John and I have watched TWO movies in ONE week!! WOOHOOOOOO
1st one was "The Proposal"  I have to admit it was a chicks flick ,but I did catch John laughing at quite a few of the scenes.  I would say its worth renting. :0)

#2 movie is "Public Enemies" with Johnny Depp, need not say anymore!! 
Justkidding.. but seriously he is insanley HAWT, HOT, (wipes drool from couch) HOT!!  Great Movie, Kinda slow at first - but also worth renting in my opinion if anything just to watch Johnny Depps insanly hot face.. :0) enuff said..

1 comment:

Laura said...

My husband loved the Proposal too! And way to go on the mommy time, that's awesome!