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Monday, January 25, 2010

Okay Picture challenge

Yes I am behind again 5 days to be exact :/, but I'm trying to figure out another way of doing this, because Posting everyday is just not possible, especially in my household..
So here is what I have from the last few days.. :0)   I finally just went and downloaded Paint - since the program John bought me for X-mas will not download into my Computer and going out to purchase another laptop is just not ideal right now. So I have been having fun playing with my pics, I realize Paint doesn't do nearly everything the program I have does, but it makes for good practice..and practice is definitely what I need.   I'm trying though..

Day 21  - We sure did have buckets of rain!

Day 22- T's Toy coming up for some air- Thursday it was sunk in the water.

Day 23~ Sat Nights in our house

Day 24- Yum, Sunday Applesauce.

Day 25- Monday Night - Pj's and Trucks


Stacey @ Say Something Stacey said...

I'm starting this on my birthday and my idea for how to post is to do once a week. So every Friday I'll post the last 7 days of pictures. Maybe that would work better for you?

I love the pic of John and T on the floor so cute!

Ann and Chris Armenta said...

I think the idea of posting once a week seems a LOT easier than everyday. And your editing looks great! Keep up the good job!

Lisa said...

Love the pics! What is the picture program you got for x-mas? I am on the hunt for one.

Jenni said...

Corel, I think Its paint shop pro or something to that extent its a 2010 version, but my processor wont support it.. :(
It looks really neat and I read alot of reviews on it, and everyone says its easy to use especially for beginners.

Thanks- :0) Stacey, Thats what I was thinking about doing and just putting them into a collage type of deal. I definitley think it will work out better for me.