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Saturday, January 23, 2010

*In The Market for

A New Diaper Bag..  
Yes I realize  T is 18 months old, and typically he doesn't need much right now except an extra diaper or two, some wipes- a few snacks and his sippy cup.  BUT- The bag I have now I hate. We picked it out when we registered for T and its a backpack style. I mainly let John pick it because he wanted a "man" bag.. so I obligied , but I hate it. I hate it and I hate it more times than I can tell you!!  It wasn't a big deal because when I first had T one of John's clients went out and got us a Juicy Couture Diaper bag, I was shocked and so happy because it was so cute and it was way better than the "man" bag. I'm sure your like, its just a diaper bag, whats the big deal?  How much thought do you really have to put into having a diaper bag??  Well, really you do and now that I have T I know what my likes and dislikes are about alot of baby items.  
Petunia Pickle Bottom?  Heard of her? her line?? Yes Yes.. She has some pretty cute diaper bags as well as other stuff, but at the time we had T we couldn't really afford to spend that amount of money on a diaper bag, so when John's client bought us the Juicy Couture one I was in love and pretty much put Miss Petunia on the back burner. :0)   Now we are at this point - I put away my Juicy diaper bag, for one it was just a little to big and I wanted my purse back, since I was using that as my purse/ diaper bag. Not to mention when T started daycare it was a pain in the butt to switch back and forth.. So I pulled out that old  "man" diaper/ backpack thing and thought I would give it another whirl.. guess what I still hate it.   I've been looking  at other bags just to see if I could find a small tote, but nothing has sparked my fancy and today while practicing my editing on photos and getting ready to blog about other things I opened my favorites menu and I have a folder labled baby Items, figured  I would go in and clean it up but guess who was in there?  Mrs. Petunia Pickle Bottom ..::sigh:: brings back memories so I opened it, probably shouldn't have, but I did and   My Love, the one bag I had wanted is in my face and now I have the strong strong urge to buy it.. :(    But now I have a problem, There are two bags I really like- which she did not have 2 years ago.  So I need help deciding.. 
Keep in mind:  We will be having another baby, and I will be using this same bag so its definitely not going to be a waste of money, unless of course we suddenly become rich or win the lottery but thats wishful thinking. My other solution here is, if I get the smaller of the 2 bags, I can always bust out the Juicy Couture bag and when that lil kiddo gets to be T's age the "new" bag will come into play.  I still need help (opinions)though..
Anyway - so here is the two diaper bags I'm having trouble deciding on. . Opinions needed..

This one is the actual diaper bag the original one I had wanted. The Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack. I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it.  I'm just having pros and cons about it.  For right now, it could possibly be to big- but I like the fact that its a back back, but can also be used as a shoulder bag. I also could still use my OWN purse with this or not.  Its cute? No?  ;)

The 2nd one

Is the Black Orchid Touring Tote; I love that its small, compact(some) and fashionable because I would end up using this as my purse (for the most part anyway).  Its only a shoulder strap long or short. The inside is pretty big, still comes with a diaper changer etc.. but I keep going back and forth.
If I'm going to spend this money - I need to make sure its something I'm going to get the most out of.  Like I said I definitely will be using it again with our 2nd kiddo.

Help Please, any and all opinions appreciated.

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PeasOut said...

I'm not really any help with PPB... I'm in love with my Ju Ju Be. You should check out their site.

They are a little on the pricy side, but more affordable the PPB, and they sell them at Buy Buy Baby so you can use a 20% off coupon!