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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is it Friday Yet??

Seriously- My Mind has been lost, gone, no where to be seen.. Since Monday, I have been in a haze of some sort- I keep getting my days mixed up, like Tues, I called one of customers to get Payment and there job wasn't to go til Wens.. HELLO Jenni!! Wake the eff up... Then that same night one of my friends who just found out she was prego was to have her first appt. on WENS!! And I text her Tues night and say hey haven't heard from you, how did your appt go?? Uhh HELLO Jenni..  Then Today.. I tell my husband, "babe don't forget to put out the trash", he looked at me like WHAT?? I got mad and said Hello its Friday and the trash people come today!! He shook his head and once he did that my mind finally clicked and I think he saw the light bulb go off, because their were no words.. :/ ::sigh::

Where is my Mind?? I really need to find it.. I have been super tired this week, our bed sucks royal balls!! We need a new one so bad, but there's a lot of things we need.. :well want: at least I have a bed, so I should just shut up and think about the kids and families in Haiti who have nothing.. :(

Work, sucks, Yep at least I have one, but it sucks, Working with Family sucks.. I can't wait to graduate from school and start nursing - ugh.. If only it were that easy- I have to get into school first and then precede to pass all classes and wait on the ever ending waiting list for the nursing program.. Such a crock..
Speaking of school, I know it was in blue on my 101 list, and I will keep it as is- but the plan was to be in school now.. But when I jumped the gun and planned our awesome Cruise.. I didn't realize that finals would be right when we would be returning.. I have done that mess of cramming and I'm just not a crammer so there is no way I would risk failing..
SO the new plan is,, this next semester- summer session.. I will be taking classes.. I have to take 4 more classes in order to take an entrance exam and be put on the waiting list that at this point is 18 months!! UGH!! BUT during that time I will be able to finish up the rest of the classes needed to start the Nursing Program. It’s definitely going to be a long road ahead, since I can't go full time. Not to mention the two classes I need to take to take the entrance exam are Math and Chemistry, if you know me in RL, then you know that I despise Math, I am dumb, retarded and every word you can possibly think of when it comes to that class, Chemistry is the same, it may not be all numbers but anything that deals with equations etc, I'm FECKED!!!

With that said, here is my plan written out; summer session I am taking Dreadful Math and my Anatomy/ Physiology Class
Fall Session: Will be Chemistry and my Bio class.
With those 4 done- HOPEFULLY I pass them.. :: Please Pray:: Start now.. hahah. I can take the entrance exam. That will also put me at the end of the year in which, we will be trying for another kiddo and hopefully looking for a new home.
I'm really not going to look much further than that, only because I need to get past these 4 classes.. two which I'm really worried about.. We will see what happens.. Good thing I still have my college math book and all my notes from previous classes I have taken (ya did you catch that- classes). I can start getting prepared for he**.


Ann and Chris Armenta said...

I hear ya on the nursing school prereq's! They suck, and I am scared to death to start them! I know I will rock it once I get into the program but Chem and Math are a weakness for me so that will be the hardest part- in my eyes at least.

Where are you taking your classes?? I may have to do online courses at Rio cause in WA I would have to start everything over whereas in AZ I am only 2 classes short.

Sorry to make this about wish you the best of luck and know you'll rock at it!!

Jenni said...

Its Cool Anne, I will go to GCC and GCCN. I just think its sucks you have to take these classes AND then get on the waiting list.. Just makes for a long wait.. :/

These 4 classes I have to take, There is just no way I would be able to take online. Once those are done, the next classes will be a breeze and I can take some online. which will be nice. Thats sucks about WA and them not transferring.. Good luck to you as well.