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Friday, January 22, 2010

**5 Question Friday**

It certainly is that time again!!  Thank goodness its Friday and thank goodness the worst part of Az's rainstorm is over..  Crazyness last night!!

Anyway - Head on over to Mama M's and link up..  Here are the Questions for this Friday.  01/22/2010

1. What is better, growing old with out money or dying young and wealthy?
Hmm I'm gonna have to say growing old with out money, Money isn't everything although it helps but really with out your loved ones, and friends then you are nothing... money or no money.. Thats the way I see it..

2. Who takes out the garbage at your house?
I would have to say its pretty equal, but I guess for the most part he does.   We both work, so alot of things around our casa our equal.. Except of course backyard work.. Thats his.. :0) 

3. Have you ever had the same dream many times?
The only dream I have ever had many times, is the one where your falling..  I wish though, I had more dreams of my Dad. 

4. Can you play a musical instrument?
That would be a BIG FAT NEGATIVE!!!   I tried to play the flute when I was in like 5th grade and pretty much sucked.  I can play air drums :)~

5. If you owned your own store, what would you sell?
most likely baby products,  I love baby stuff.. 
Your Turn.. Hope everyone has a great weekend..  :0)

1 comment:

Laura said...

I hate yard work too...tried mowing the lawn once, totally sucked. :)