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Thursday, January 7, 2010

#12 Buy Adobe Photo Shop to edit all my photos

I forgot about this one.  John got this for me for Christmas.. Its actually Corel Paint
Although we are having issues uploading it into my computer.. We are thinking my Laptop is a little outdated and the processor isn't good enough. So I might be getting a new one if thats the case..  Ugh.. I really didn't want to spend any money on that stuff right now.. We will see - we will just play it by ear right now.
Anyway - one more marked off   weeee...


Jaye said...

I used to use Corel a lot! I love that program.

PeasOut said...

If that doesn't work, you can download for free! Give it a google..

Jenni said...

hmmm Cool Thanks Mya.. :0) I didn't know you could do that..

On a side note- it is time for an update to my Laptop. I was thinking MAC, but I'm not sure I'm that patient to handle the change we will see tho.. I might blog about it to see what others think.. ??