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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

*WTF Blog* Day 4 and 5 Pics.

I tried posting My Picture of the days and they will not post!! I'm getting PISSED!!!

Day 4 Pic- T and his new Best Bud..  You could see it on my sidebar but not the post itself... JERK!!

Day 5 Pic: So I know you can't see what that License plate says and I will be happy to tell you..
its kinda freaky and honestly I'm surprised it was approved ya know because of all this terrorist shet goin on!!

its says    "ALLAH"    Who the feck has a License plate that says "allah"  Oh yea, Freakin terrosists! When I saw that I was like ummmmm  there is definitely something wrong with this picture..
and had to take one of my own!!   eeeeeekkkkk...