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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wow, Not much to blog about

hmmmm...  Yea I've been pretty blank lately.. Kinda just need a break..Maybe I will think of things to blog about during that/this time.
I have alot going on - At work with year end crap, T is all over the place and really doesn't allow me much time to myself unless of course he's sleeping in which I want to sleep, Christmas is right around the corner and we have been busy preparing for that- baking up a storm, YUM chocolate chip cookies, Although my fav is the batter which I'm sure your not supposed to eat but I can't resist - this whole weight loss thing was a joke for the holidays!! I've been good I will admit but I haven't been on it like I should be. So as soon as I get passed these two hurdles (Christmas and the New year) I will jump back on - happily!! :0) 
My Sister's due date is slowly approaching and honestly I don;t think she is going to make it to Feb. I'm pretty excited for her. another little nephew.. Obviously makes me want another - but we/I need to wait until after the cruise. NOTHING is going to stand in my way of this vacation I so want and Need!! Yes I said NEED!!!   :0) If your a mother you will understand!

anyway - thats my update for now. I have a busy day- Finally going to get T's X-mas pics taken- and to see Santa - hopefully the line isn't ridiculous, I'm also donating clothes so that will mark some stuff off my 101 list.

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Ann and Chris Armenta said...

Can't wait to see T's pics! And hopefully you'll have an easy time with Santa!!