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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas List's

Alright- time to get back into the blogging world..

Lets start with Christmas Lists.

Shoes - Check
Belt - Check
New Shirts - Check  3ea
Wallet - Check
Impact Gun -  Check   this wasnt on his list, but I knew it was something he was wanting
Cologne - this was a given - its more of a stocking stuffer than anything.
New Jeans - Not on his list but he needs some new ones

Cozy Coupe - Still have to go pick this up
Chuck My Talking Truck - Check
Mr Potatoe Head - Check
Picnic Table for outside but also doubles as a drawing board - check
Lil Tikes Shopping Cart - Check
Puzzles for his stocking - Check
Bubble Blower for the bath - Check
Silly Sam & Friends make believe cleaning equipment - Check
My first tool set - Check

HOLY CRAP - T has so many toys- YIKES and this is just from John and I -  Oi!! Ok thats why I  said I'm done shopping.. thats what I get for collecting and then forgetting that I have these items!!

So whats on your shopping list?

Mine goes a little somethin like this:

Digital Editing Software
New Necklace - I just told John I wanted something that was White gold and make sure it had some kinda meaning behind it - we shall see how well he does  :/
A 10.5 Digital Frame
GC's for Pedicures and nails

Thats about it really.. I'm more of a giver than a taker so making lists is hard.

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