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Thursday, November 5, 2009

#87 Buy 2 new/used books for T

After I dropped John off at the airport yesterday I decided to run by Barnes and Noble to 1. grab a magazine for my cousin that she asked for and 2. I figured I could grab some new books for T. 
AND  Thats just what we did,, Luckily he loves books - He loves opening them, shutting them, opening them and laughing and then moving onto the next one. :0)

Here's one of my Favorite books and hopefully will be one of T's. 

I also got him

I saw this book and immediately thought the little boy looked like T.. Hahah I couldn't resist, his belly is too cute!! T likes looking at this book and saying beebee.. beebee..


Laura said...

I LOVE "I love you through and through" we have two copies!! :) That's great he loves books!

Jenni said...

Laura, He does love books and I'm so happy he does. Even though he really doesn't get it yet, he still will go and grab one and bring it to me or my husband and sit with us as we read to him or just show him the pictures..:)

Stacey said...

Colin loves books too, right now he especially loving the touch and feel books. T might like them too.