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Thursday, October 15, 2009

*Found Some Cool New Sites* AND

So I should be working, HA but I'm not whats new right?! 
Whatever.. Anyway - I found two really cool websites for your little pretty eyes to go see!!
One: is for Blogging Mommy's   Go sign up or just hit up my badge on the top side of my page.. :0)  Very neat site and tons of other Mommy Blogs. I love looking at all them cause you know I'm a mommy and love seeing what other Mommy's are up to..
Two:  I found this website through this website and now I feel my uterus hurting!! I want another baby - preferably a girl.. I know my mind will change when I get home to my mess of a house and my toddling toddler.. ;0) but go with it here.. I suggest going to check this place out..  I think I could seriously decorate my entire house in these things. And believe me I'm searching for some cool ones to use in my house. Getting em' passed the hubs is a different story.. ;/

AND:  I have been contacted to do a give away on my Blog!!  How cool is that. So once I get all the details I will get them out there- and do this shin dig.. I'm excited to even be asked to do a giveaway!! Woot woot!!  ummm I don;t even know where to start though.. Maybe i should go see other blogs that host givaways..  Right?  Yep!!

and I need some more follower's..  Please I just don't feel the love..  :0)

also, I am revamping my 101 goals n 1001 days.. It needs a face lift. So I have been working on that too.. Oops again not working as in not doing my job...  eeeekk..

1 comment:

Lisa said...

I love that wall decal site...I am ordering my tree for the nursery from there!