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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How Boring!!!

I have become.. so sorry I think life has gotten in the way-- eeeeek..

I have been pretty busy.. by the time I get home, get T fed, Us fed, T bathed and ready for bed, I'm exhausted. Pretty much I go to bed right after that - or since this past Sat. John and I have become extremely addicted to our Wii.. its pretty ridiculous, but OH so fun!!
Anyway - No excuses.. So I will be blogging some more..
I have T's 14 month update.
I have to update some of my goals and of course blog about them.
and a few other things.
I'm still trying to decide what T should be for Halloween.. I know I had the Three up there. but Umm its sept 9 and uh yea its still 103 degrees.. So all of those outfits are going to be ridiculously HOT!! Maybe.. We will see.

Anyway - that's kinda my update, where the hell have you been, Post.. :0)

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