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Monday, September 14, 2009

14 months old

My little dude is 14 months old. Alot has happened from 13 months to now. Like all within one week he had roseola, Scarlett fever(strep throat) and whooping cough.! Sounds like fun eh?? Yea not so much..
So I had to deal with that.. It was not fun, I have had to deal with my pedia dropping the ball in so many ways, I dont even feel like discussing because I get pissed. So I'm the search for a new one. My main concern with picking a new pedia is that I don't want an office full of Pedias and the chances of him seeing "his" pedia is slim to well none half the time. I'm not okay with that!! I never will be. I don't need nor do I want to have to repeat his history to five million doctors - I also want the pedia we go to- to know Tristan, to know me. As much as our current pedia dropped the ball this was the reason why I like them sooo much, not to mention before this incident they were great. It could have been a fluke but I'm not willing to chance it again..
So.. Other than that.. Tristan is extremely stubborn, he refuses to WALK!! He can do it.. We have been practicing with him and cheering him on, but he seems to think that crawling is just much easier and prefers that. If he only knew that walking is way easier.
On the note of him crawling- his skin is out of freakin control and this too goes back to my pedia dropping the ball with that as well.
His skin on his legs and his forearms are a mess. I'm pretty sure its eczema, from what I have researched etc it is, but seriously it changes from day to day. So in my search I cut out Wheat and this seemed to help some, but he still gets outbreaks of "hives" or something that is pretty comparable to this. So its been a frustrating quest to find out what is going on.
I have gotten rid of all of his scented body wash, hair wash stuff and I went and got Mustela its specifically for sensitive skin/eczema. That has seemed to help as well. I also purchased Eucrin and this has seemed to sooth the irritation/ redness.. I also stopped bathing him everyday and have cut it down to every other day. Now this is hard - 1 because he is mess when he gets home from daycare, 2 he becomes messier when at home crawling on the dogs, eating , etc. So I rinse him with out using any soap and this as well has seemed to be helping "some" and I say that lightly because it changes everyday. The days he gets a "bath" I put baby oil in the water to help seal in moisture and Welp what do ya know this has been helping to..

He's thinning out and getting taller, he has his back molars in, the top ones are ready to pop through any day. He has temper tantrums when told no or if he cant get to something right then!
He eats EVERYTHING and anything put in front of him!! YAY!! He has slowly started to use his utensils but easily gets frustrated. Words.. Psh.. this has slowed way down.. I'm not really sure what happened, he was on a roll and then NOTHIN.. So I don't know if this is normal or not.
Other than that - he's doing great. Until next time.. :0)

14 Months Old - 09-09-09

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