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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another off the lots to blog about: Cupcake Swap

I need to post my cupcakes that I made, along with their recipes as well as go through my 101 in 1001 goals and mark some stuff off the list. Please bare with me. I will get to those asap.. :0)
Last Sat. I was invited to a Cupcake swap.. How fun does that sound? Really! It was so fun.. I think the best part (well besides the yummy cupcakes of course) about going was hearing every ones trials and tribulations of baking cupcakes from scratch.. I do have my own with pics and everything.. I decided to flex my baker skills and make two different types, but first I will show you all of the creations.. So if you could picture for just a second. 30 women, 30 cupcakes each and some people made two batches!! That's 900 cupcakes!! WHOA!! Ya talk about sugaroverload!!!

so with out further adue.. I leave you with CUPCAKES!! Please refrain from drooling all over your laptop or keyboard.. Thankyouverymuch.. :0)

Yes That really says "bacon", um Ya I did not try, but I have heard good things.. I'm not so sure about that. hmmmmm...

And these are the Latte Girls- Geez I think we have known each other now for more than 4+ Years. Yes, there's a story behind these girls as well. That will have to be for another blog post.

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