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Monday, August 31, 2009

# 48 Try 5 new Restauraunts

I may end having to up the 5 to like 20.. So far we are on a roll and I don't necessarily think we are trying all that hard.. Not bad though..
So this past weekend we went to this place called "Celsius". Its in the Desert Ridge area and its a very small place. Its a Sushi Bar.. Now John and I don't eat Sushi, we don't like fish let alone raw fish.. But our friends invited us and said they have more than just fish. So we joined.

Amazingly - John and I got sushi!! Go figure right.. haha..

I tried the Shrimp Tempura and John got the calamari roll (I'm not sure of the exact name) I didn't try that one.. but Mine was pretty good the only thing I don't care for is the seaweed.. I cant get used to that taste.. One of our friends that went with us, recommended I try his Vegas Roll and umm I wished I had ordered that instead. It was SOOO YUMMY!! Can you believe it - I'm eating sushi and I actually like it!! Who woulda thought!! anyway - John and I had a really nice time out and Tristan went with us, its been kinda difficult taking him anywhere lately since he gets ansty and bored. So John and I try to either go places that are kid friendly and/or loud.. and get in and get out.. T was actually really good.. and ate his chicken, rice, edamame and loved it!! played with the chopsticks and all around was in a good mood!! Thank goodness!! I definitely recommended this place!! Oh and even better they have all day happy hour on Sat.. and then Reverse happy hour.. A+++

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Lisa said...

I love Celcius!! Very Yummy sushi and a cool vibe too : )