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Monday, July 20, 2009

~Pro Pics~

I'm really excited about these. 1. because Shelly my photog who did all of my photos from maternity all the way through too my Wedding was shooting these and 2. because this will finish out his baby album that she will be making for us- including his,newborn, three month and now 1 year pics. I'm really excited!! Shelly does such an amazing job and she is soo fun and easy to work with.
HA- I should shoot myself in the foot for even braving this heat- but when you live in Az you do whatcha ya gotta do!! So John, Me and T woke up early Sat. Morning and of course it was pretty much the hottest day of the year!! 115 to be exact! Well we were hoping for some relief in the morning shoot- but psh- there isn't such a thing as relief! 95 degrees is not relief..
anyway - we met up with Shelly at a park and it was actually a pretty cool park - it had a HUGE awning over it and it was totally shaded, instead of the rubberized or sand for the playground it was wood chips which were cool! Tristan of course LOVED it!! He wanted to taste them.

So we let him go and have fun, I brought his wagon and trucks to play with and Shelly got some really great shots!!

I also decided I wanted to get T his own personal cake and go to town with it at the end of our shoot.. so I went to Safeway figuring there cake could, just "maybe" be way better than Fry's cake.. OH MY lord when I saw the cake they had made I was like " I am not paying for that", the girl looked at me like I insulted her and shit I probably did! it was horrible - nothing like what I had pictured in my head or even close to what I had requested. The icing was melting off - the puffed balloons or what ever they were fell off - the lady said well I can fix it- Hahah okay fix it but I'm not paying for that.. So I paid 3 bucks for an 8 dollar 4in cake..!! I was so peeved by this time- that by the time I got home it looked like a freakin train wreck! Seriously my nephew could have did a better job!! I was so mad, upset and pissed that I went out and got cake mix and decided to brave the cake making my self!! Mine wasn't horrible, but it was a HECK of alot better than Safeway's master piece!!
so that's the story behind the cake - Tristan still enjoyed it until his daddy thought it would be cool to hurry the process up and smush some of it in his face.. Tristan was not HAPPY!! hahah
So the Photo shoot went really well - I don't think I've sweat so much in my life and I had a pool of boob sweat- it was pretty attractive!!
I leave you with some pics that Shelly got up the same day!! she's FAST!! this would be why I love her!!


PeasOut said...

Look at all those teeth!! H eis ADORABLE!!! You look great too, btw!

Jenni said...

Well Thank you.. :) He is going to have a full mouth very soon already gettin his molars in, and has both of his bottom eye teeth!! crazy!!