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Monday, July 20, 2009

**Falling behind**

So lets start off with Tristan's First Birthday party!! Wow did we have a good time - it was HOT like sizzling hot- but everyone who came had a great time!! They were swimmin, eatin, drinkin and chatting it up!! Tristan had a blast as well-He absolutely LOVES the water- I'm so glad to because I'm not sure it would be cool of he wasn't a water baby--the summers John and I are staked out by the pool or lake!! So T better get used to it- and no worries there he's all for it!!

So anyway- He received A TON of gifts- holy crap - I told John we need a bigger house just to house all of the dang toys! Seriously.. and these toys aren't just rattles and small things they are huge trucks, tonka trucks, a Kawasaki ride on quad, so many others.. and a alot of noise makers! I will for sure take those out when those people who thought it would be funny to purchase them for us.. they will come out when they babysit!! So I'm just going to show you a few pics of how everything went down.. :0) Enjoy..
By the way they aren't in any sort of order- I tried but lost my patience!!

John, Me and T- Construction Trucks was the Theme..

Me and My Sister gettin the food ready
T's Ready for Swimming...

Time for Cake!! He had so much fun and dug right in!!

Until he was done and it was all over from here!!
It was an okay cake, but we made due.. It all went so I was happy about that!!
Time to open presents, and Mommy got to open them all by myself!! Woohooo...

T and Grammy- after T got out of the water - for the 3rd time!!
The picture frame mat I made for T- I'm going to put it in his scrapbook..
Swimmin again and sooo ready for a nap!!
Tristan did so well for running on a two hour nap!! He was zonked out by the time we hit the first turn out of my Mom's driveway on our way home.. :0)

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