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Monday, July 27, 2009

#15 - Take one Mommy Day a Month

I forgot to blog about this - but last weekend I finally got my Mommy day.. it wasn't much but anything is nice these days.
I used to go and get my nails done all the time - no big deal-I could go whenever I wanted.. Well not anymore- I have to make sure I have someone to watch T and well having my nails done lately just isn't a necessity.. I do like having them done and John likes them done since I scratch his back.. hahah anyway - so last weekend on Sat I finally told John he needed to watch the kiddo so I could go and do them..
It was a pretty relaxing hour- but man - the only thing I hate about getting a new full set after not having them for awhile is the fact that your hands kill, well not your hands but your fingers.. UGH they hurt so bad by the time I went to bed I was ready to take some Tylenol to help with the throbbing.. Does that ever happen to you? It sucks!!
They turned out really cute and they were ready for our Photo shoot on Sunday we did. Which was nice.. :0)
1 mommy day down. alot more to go!!!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

yep, that happens to me too. It sucks and hurts! Thank god they only hurt like that for a day or 2!