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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

*12 month Updates*

We went for T's 12 month Well check.. Yes shots were included and they weren't the regular ones, these ones hurt and my poor lil dude was not so happy.. :( MMR, Chickenpox and I can't think of the other one..
so his stats are:
Weight: 26lbs 30z 95%
Height: 32 in. 97% and up
Head: 18" 76%

The pedia said T is doing great, back on track from 3 months ago when he fell behind from all of the problems with being sick etc.
She would like him on whole milk, and I discussed the issues we are having and she said what I'm doing is fine as well. He's teething big time.. He has his back molars coming in and two of his eye teeth are popping through.. So its been FUN in the Trevino house!!
Here's the pics I took of him at 12 months on 07/09/09:

He just loves pictures~~ and I'm out!! Peace, Mom.

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