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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

~These Shoes were made for Walkin~

and that's just what they'll do.....
Yep Last weekend I went and got Tristan his first pair of actual "pre-walking" shoes.

Its funny and I have to kick myself in the ass because we spent so much money on all these "cute" shoes for him to wear and well he barely ever wore them but, of course we tried to get him to wear them.. they either didn't fit his fat feet or were to big and would slip off or he would take them off and into his mouth they went.. So now that he's beginning to pull himself up and make the effort to take steps etc.. I figured it was about that time to go.. along with the push from my Mom who said I should have gotten them a few months ago.. Geez, sorry I kinda like looking at his little fat pudgy feet- there to cute to cover up if you ask me and well its "SUMMER" and its hot!!

Well - I went to Stride- Rite and got him some pre-walkers - I like them compared to the others that they had and Tristan well he really wasn't sure what the heck was put on his feet and became frustrated with them as I held onto his hands to walk around the store to test the new shoes out.. These shoes are pretty neat - they aren't hard on the bottoms so he's still able to feel the floor and its as if he's not really wearing "shoes", because they are flexible and move with his feet.. they seem like they are going to be pretty comfy and just what he may need to get that extra step or two in.. We shall see..
I haven't put them on him this week yet, though- I'm really not sure what I'm waiting for.. I guess I just feel like he doesn't exactly need them while at daycare except now my thinking has changed because yesterday I went and picked him up and saw that the rough spots on the tops of his pudgy feet had turned into somewhat of carpet blisters(burns) and were nice and red.. :(
So looks like I will be putting his shoes on after all.. I was also hoping they would have sandals so his feet could breathe and of course they were out.. So I will have to wait until they get more in. Until then these "cool" shoes will have to do..

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Lisa said...

Love Stride Rite shoes!! I still buy Kaylee's "good" tennis shoes from there.