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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

*My Butt Procedure*

Yes I call it that..
Anyhow - it went well.. minus the fact that I had to fast for 24+ hours and drink this nasty most horrific tasting solution to make me go to the bathroom to clean my bowels out!! that was NO fun!! Ugh..
I'm not sure how people fast for more than 24+ hours they are CRAZY!! Every where I looked and every where I turned their was food staring me in the face and EVERY thing looked a million times better than it would if I wasn't having to fast. bananas and strawberries, turkey meat Oh my lord - at times I wanted to just sneak in a few bites here and there but new I couldn't so I carried on with my nasty liquid of a drink.. Going to the bathroom wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and it didn't bother my stomach or make me cramp horribly like the side effects had said would happen, so that was good. I did get a massive headache and that was obviously from not being able to eat. Went away as soon as I was able to eat!!
I definitely feel bloated and swollen, so much for thinkin I would lose weight!!
When I went in for my procedure - the nurse was getting me prepped and I had to leave a pee sample - she scared the living crap out of me because she did a prego test and pulled i and was like umm when did you have you last period - I told her and she was like.. mmmm (my heart stopped) I was like NO WAY!!! and she was like oh No no, your not pregnant.. Ugh my heart started beating again.. LADY I just had a kid 11 months ago I don't need another one right now.. mmm kay... Holy cow not cool.. then she tried to get me set up for an IV and couldn't find my veins ( I have pretty bad veins- just not visible) Well Duh I'm dehydrated so its going to be a little harder - well she blew one of my veins I wanted to strangle her.. then she went to the top of my hand couldn't find anything - finally I was like why don't you just put it in the upper part of my arm where you normally would go.. she did and Guess what found my Vein!!! YAY!!
they got me prepped and I laid there for about 15 minutes waiting the anthestesiologist . He came in and went over stuff and then knocked my ass out - I remember nothing after that..
I woke up to John - talking to me and the nurse saying my name.. Of course I started crying as I always do when I come out of sedation.(big baby) Oh well.. I was there for about 30 min and got on my feet (a little woozy)- got dressed talked to the Dr and on our way we went.. I told John I wanted a big fat juicy cheeseburger so he stopped at chilis on our way home and got me just that.. YUM! We went home- ate and watched a movie and then he went and got T from daycare and I feel great- besides gas and bloating from the air being pushed into my colon.. Nothing like expelling air.. LOL!!!
Anyway - all is well - but I have to go see a rectal surgeon for my wonderful hemorrhoids- since I'm sick of just putting creams, ointments etc. on them and it not helping - I want them removed.. So I go in Thursday for another Dr. to look at my bum!! Geez!!
that was my wonderful day - luckily I wont have to go back to get one of those done again until I'm like 60!! Thank God - because drinking the solution they give you to clean you out is just out of this world DISGUSTING!!! Bleh..

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