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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

San Diego Vacation

Was a BLAST!! John and I had so much fun.. I think we had more fun just watching Tristan explore all the new things he was seeing and his face light up at all the animals.
We left Friday Morning about 10:30am- I was hoping to leave before T would nap so this way he would nap in the car.. but because he got up at 5 Friday morning he took his first nap at 8 and slept till 10 - I got him ready- the truck packed and we were off.. I played with him in the back until our first stop and he ate some lunch and some ice cream with daddy and then we were off again. He passed out for his long nap which took us basically all the way to San Diego.. It was a pretty easy going trip there - besides the few border patrol stops we had to make - no biggie!
We arrived in San Diego at 430 pm. got checked in and then unpacked our stuff and relaxed with Tristan a little- Poor baby had so much energy from being strapped in his car seat he was all over the hotel room...
We packed him up again and we were off to find food.. We went to On the border and John and I got some Alcohol & Fajitas!! YUM!!! and T had a fruit juice.. :0)Fajitas were pretty yummy and T enjoyed Rice and Beans..
We headed back to the hotel.. I was tired, Baby T was tired and I knew we had a long day ahead of us.
Sleep - unfortunately did not come so easily for Tristan.. he was so wound up from the car ride that he just couldn't settle in so I ended up having to sleep with him in the other bed.. OF course he passes right out in my arms but when I put him back in his bed, he was wide awake.. Little stinker.. So I didn't get the greatest amount of sleep.

Sat. morning we took it easy getting ready and out the door, our hotel did free breakfast so we headed up there and grabbed some breakfast - went back to our room - T took a nap and John and I got ready and snoozed alittle before T got up and we started our day!!

We went to Sea world first!! What an amazing day-

A little chilly but it was nice!! As we waited in line -We put Tristan's glasses on and as I went to take a picture he inched them down as if he spotted some hot chick and was staring her down.

and then gave Daddy a Five as Daddy was in a approval of Tristan's Sightings.. MEN!!

After that - we headed in and saw that Elmo and his friends were having a show so we strolled up and listened to them sing and dance around. After that was done John took him through the water pad and as the water was shooting out John took T underneath one..

Tristan didn't seem to amused so we moved on.

We went to quite a few of the exhibits, The Sharks,
the Polar Bears
and Beluga Whales,
The penguins (reminded me of Happy feet when they just stare at you as you pass by) Very sad if you ask me.. :(

We decided to go to some of the Shows - 1st one was with The Dolphins.. I tell ya - Those creatures are something else.. So very smart and so stinkin cute.. I wish I could have one as a pet!! J/k Tristan was all about them - when they would jump out of the water he would sit up on my lap and scream at them.. Too cute.

Next we went and ate some lunch.. and Got T filled up and refueled.. After that he passed out!! So John and I went and walked around to some of the other exhibits, stuff T really wouldn't be able to see..
Then we headed to the next Show which was "Believe" with Shamu.. We woke T up and got in line.

Again, Those are some creatures I absolutely love - So smart and super cute as well. John took like 5 million pictures while I was holding Tristan.. but not of us just of the whales!! Dummy!

Tristan had a blast at this show - since there was music played while the whales were doing tricks he was dancin all around and of course started screaming at them as they would pop out of the water and when they would soak the rows of people. If you go to these shows. If you don't want to be soaked DO NOT sit in the first 16 rows.. You will get WET and I don't mean a few drops - I mean Like DRENCHED!! It was pretty funny I will admit!!
After that show - We were pretty much done so we headed to a pizza place we saw and WOW the pizza and salad was awesome! After we filled up we headed to the hotel and PASSED OUT!! Great Ending to a perfect day.

Sunday morning - same as Sat.. Chilled - ate - T took a nap, and we headed out to the Zoo..
The zoo was BORING!! We took the ride around on the Bus and pretty much that's all you need- haha.. After we took that ride we walked around for another hour or two and John and I decided to leave.

We headed to the Beach!! It was pretty windy and by the time we got there the Sun started to go behind the clouds so it was making it cold. We set up our towels and let T play in the sand and get a feel for it- which he LOVED!! He grabbed fistfuls of the Sand shook it around, flung it everywhere, then he decided he was going to taste it- Face planted right into the sand!! LOL John and I were laughing so hard but T was not!! He was not happy that he just ate sand and now had it in his eyes, nose and mouth.. We got him cleaned up and we took him down to the water to see what he would do.. He didn't care for it - I wouldn't of either it was pretty cold.. So we wrapped him up and got back on dry land and went and cleaned up all the sand.

I put him in his sweat pants and wrapped him in his blanket and John and I walked the Boardwalk and looked at the coast and all the "weird" people.. hahah Tristan of course passed out and by this time it was time for us to get going..
On our walk back to the truck I saw this bench and it had John's name on it.. "John's Bench"
o I made John take a picture with it!!

Then we went back to the hotel - bought some dinner and stayed in.. Monday we were headed out and got on the road around 11am and got home about 430 pm.. Not bad timing!! John is a freakin speed demon.. Anyway - Our first family trip was GREAT!! Things went the way I hoped they would of and what more could I have asked for. Even though Tristan's only 10 months old and won't be able to remember this trip I can always show him pictures. I'm glad we are able to do this stuff with our Son. I'm excited for the time when he is older and can really enjoy it to the fullest!!


Amber and Brian said...

God damn he is so cute! The picture of T's and John legs on the beach is too cute! That needs to be framed.

Anonymous said...

Your baby is so adorable. I envy you. I would love to take a san diego vacation. Such a great place to go with the fam.