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Monday, May 11, 2009

~~10 Months Old~~ *Updated*

I'm kinda late with posting this - but we had a very eventful and busy weekend.

May 9, 09 ~Tristan turned 10 months old!! C.R.A.Z.Y....... is all i have to say..
10 months has come so fast. I'm not sure if I'm ready for the next 2 months and the day he turns a year old.. WEIRD!!

About this little man..
No current weight - guesstimate - 27lbs
Height: 30-31 in..
Everything is just as it was last month but with more will power to get where he needs to go, when he wants to go. He still army crawls but now he has learned to launch himself using his feet. He does get up on all 4's but can't quite figure out that if he would move in sync he would be crawling..
he has shown his temper - OH YEA!! lets talk about that.. boy oh boy does he have a temper.. He is in the stage were if you take away something he gets MAD!! like really mad, screams, kicks and cries out.. I have to laugh, but I try not to in front of him because I don't want him to think I'm making fun of him, but it is funny..
He screams at the dogs if they get in his way - just to give you an example.. Kane our pit bull went up to T and licked him on his face to give "kisses" and then plopped his butt right on top of T's legs.. T got so MAD that he screamed at him and was trying to push him away!! John and I were laughing so hard.. he did this until finally Kane realized Oh maybe I should move.. He screams at Sox my little chi chi, Sox thinks its okay to go and lay on his playmate so I think Tristan has learned from me that its not okay for Sox to layon his mat- So when sox tries to, Tristan screams at him and then will attempt to push him off.. My poor dogs are sure going to love this little kiddo.. =)
He has learned to pull himself up in his crib and not just by accident- this is I want out, you guys can hear me but since no one is coming I'm going to find my escape myself. So John and I will be lowering the bed once again, and this time to the lowest setting. Its a pain in the ass to lower one setting at a time..
He eats like there's no tomorrow. He drinks out of his sippy cup like a CHAMP.. so transitioning should not be a problem which I'm so happy about. At 1 year - I will be taking away the bottle, along with his pacifier and keeping it only for night time.. if need be.
Trucks!!! He LOVES trucks.. Monster trucks preferably.. John and I got him a few a couple months back and he wasn't totally interested in them but played with them.. Well, now they are all he wants.. he even makes the noise which he has learned from us and rolls them on the floor while making a (rumbling of Vrooooommm vroooommmm) in Tristan's version though.
Since - getting his tubes in his ears I have seen such a change in T's development - its awesome. I can't believe that stupid Ear infections can slow kiddos down physically, mentally and developmentally.. What a come back Tristan has made. He has caught himself up with everything and more he should be doing.. and shouldn't be doing like getting into the dog bowls, pulling the dogs ears, pressing the buttons on the T.V. pulling himslef up on the crib and the couches, the list goes on. I will say though, this stage in his life has definitely become my Favorite. I still miss his little bitty self, but when he pulls himself up on my lap and gives me a slobbery kiss and a hug so tight.. I could not ask for more!!
~~TA DA~~ I'm 10 months..

We are headed to San Diego on Friday and I am so excited for this trip. It will be our 2nd family trip and T's first trip to the ZOO and to the Beach.. We might hit up Sea World, but we will see..
I plan on taking a MILLION pictures.. I will be like the paparazzi taken pics with my kid in every single one. LOL.. =) Stay tuned for that post..

So that's the update as of now..
Oh- I had an Awesome 1st Mother's Day.. John got me flowers, a cute card from him and T and then made me Manicotti for dinner, not to mention cleaned the entire house, vacuumed, mopped etc.. I love my HUBS!!!

~~ I will post 10 month pics as soon as I download them..~

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