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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Picked a Theme

FINALLY - for Tristan's 1st Birthday Party on July 11th. - Good lord it took me forever to decide.. I'm not sure why. Anyway - I think its cute and perfect for a little boy on his 1st birthday.. (sorry the pic is so small but the larger one wouldn't allow me to C&P)

Now I have to get moving on buying all of the decorations and get the invites out.. There is going to be a lot of people at this shin dig- I'm excited to be celebrating his 1 st birthday! To Tristan he will have no idea as to what is going on but, I want to make sure he will be able to look back at pictures and know that every birthday even his 1st is so important to us!!

I also put together a "wish list" on Toys R Us.. Which is freakin cool!! I think that is so awesome and the fact that they have things like that makes things so much easier for those people who have no idea what to get a 1 year old- especially those who don't have kids.. Its like a registry but for your birthday.. and because I know Tristan and what he likes its easier for me to just get on there and pick things that will be educational yet fun.. . So it works out perfectly. Not to mention its super easy for his out of town relatives to go on there as well, order it and have it shipped directly to us.. Simple and easy!!

I am going to be having it at my Mom's house since 1. she has a BIG house to fit all the people that will be there. 2. We are having it as a swim party and what do ya know she has a Pool!!
So I'm off to go order this stuff up and get things ready for my Baby's 1st Birthday!! (AHHHHHH I can't believe in a month and a half, Tristan will be ONE) C.R.A.Z.Y.

Could he get any freakin cuter!!??

(did you notice my picture taken skills are starting to show?)

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