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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tubes - Tomorrow

To catch up here -
Tristan had somewhat of a setback last week- Thursday to be exact- he broke out with a cold yet again and started wheezing and coughing - so Thursday Morning I called the pediatrician to get him in and make sure we could get some medicine in his system before it got worse and his surgery postponed..
Our Pedia gave him meds and we started the nebulizer again.. She told me that when I come back for his re-check, if he is still wheezing and his lungs sound bad - she will postpone the surgery!! FECK!!! I really didn't want to postpone this surgery - I know these tubes are going to help him and postponing would just be asking for more ear infections and more sickness - So Thank the lord that today when we went in to the pedia she cleared him for his surgery tomorrow.. His lungs sound way better - his cough is gone so we are set.. We have to be there at 6 in the morning which means we have to leave our house at 5:15 ish...Oh and the best part HA Tristan can not eat or drink anything after Midnight - so this should be an interesting drive to the surgery center. Since his first bottle is typically at 6 am..
On the flip side.. I'm scared shit less of this surgery - I try hard not to think about it and try not to think of what could happen etc.. "if "anything happened to my T man - I seriously don't know what I would do - I know I would not be okay and my life as I knew it would change forever, okay I'm done thinking about that~ but its starting to get to me. ALOT!! So I hope I can hold it together tomorrow and stay calm for T's sake.. :( Luckily John is coming with us - so if I do lose it he will be there to snap me outta of it.. Please keep your thoughts with us tomorrow and T's surgery goes exactly as planned with no problems and comes out of his "twilight" alright!!
And I leave you with some new photos of my Lil Dude.. :0)
He's so stinkin cute! look at them cheeks.. :)

Oh- Shoot look who is learning to drink out of a sippy cup!!

T's gotta a new Tonka Truck!!! Woohooo..

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