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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Scheduled for Surgery and Updates

Tristan has been scheduled for his surgery to get his tubes in his ear's on April 8th.. I hope its as painless and quick as they say it will be- because as of the last week or so I have gotten my Tristan back and its WONDERFUL! I love knowing he is in a happy mood and nothing is bothering him. :0)
His surgery will be at 7:30 in the morning and we have to be there at 6 am.. He is not allowed to eat after midnight and I'm not so sure he is going to be to happy about this especially when we wake him up at 5 in the morning to leave for the hospital and no bottle! Oh boy the world will end for him with no bottle.. So I'm sure that's going to be an exciting drive.. YAY!!
John will be taking that day off and chillen at home with me and T.. The Dr's said that the first day is usually good but very slow and he will obviously be very drowsy etc.. the next day should be back to somewhat of a normal and I will be staying home with him that day to.. On Friday he will go back to daycare - so long as everything goes good and he is not bothered by the tubes etc.. My brother's I'm sure love me.. =)

April 9th he will be 9 months old as well and I had to change his 9 month check up to the following week, I think surgery is enough for him for one week let alone being stabbed 3 times for more vaccinations.. So I backed it up to the following Thursday (I think) shoot I can't remember now..

Anyway - 9 months!!! AAACK!!! Had baby, Check -- Got Married - Check.. Relax?? I think not!! Now its time to plan Mr. T's 1st B-day!! I'm so excited to do so.. but I need a breather for awhile of not planning anything so I might put this off for about a month so I can do NOTHING but enjoy my time with my baby boy and my new husband.. hahah I say New like John is "sooo new" to me.. too funny..

I think we are going to go to San Diego in May and head to the San Diego Zoo.. and Mission Bay.. I'm excited.. it will be our 2nd road trip as a family and we might be going just by ourselves or with a few friends either way - I'm excited!!

~First week of married life~ Blissful~~~

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