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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tubes are in- the Recovery begins!!

This was supposed to be posted yesterday - but I i forgot to press the publish button.. oops..

YEA!!!!! Okay so it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.. Thankfully one of my friends let me in on what happens and thank goodness she did- No IV's needed it was just a light sedation with gas..

So my night - morning kinda sucked - even after being reassured it wasn't as ivasive as it sounded and the fact that when I got tubes in my ears back then we were put OUT!! I was still somewhat of a nervous wreck.. So I did not sleep at all last night - I finally turned off the T.V. and passed, out at 2 am only to wake up to a crying baby at 3 am.. YAY for me.. Shitty for Tristan considering I wasn't able to give him a bottle to get him to go back to sleep. So he stayed up and cryed for a good hour and half until I broke down and gave him water.. He was cool with it until he realized I tricked him and then he was PISSED!! By then it was time to get going and he passed out in the car - Surgery was at 730 am and the Dr's came in and visited with John and Me and went over everything, asked numerous of questions- which I had no problem answering considering they asked the same questions oh about 3 times.. haha I don't care though.. Tristan was taken away and John and I waited in the waiting area.. 10 minutes later the Doc came in and said he was done, they were waking him up and went over some post op stuff. The one thing the Doc did say is that T definitely needed those tubes, there was quite a bit of fluid in his left ear - which we knew but he said there was also pus build up- did not know.. so they cleaned both of his ears- put tubes in and he said to expect quite a bit of drainage from his left ear as that one was the worse. the right one we can expect some but not alot.. I am so thankful and glad that we went through with getting T tubes, although I was scared about doing it so young I am hoping this leads us on the right path to getting my FUN, HAPPY GO LUCKY baby Boy BACK!!

Anyway- back on track here, They brought him to me and he was still out of it - gave him his bottle which he downed in 2 secs.. once he was finished with that- the crying began it made me kinda nervous because he NEVER cries like that unless he is in pain. So I asked the nurses probably like a million times if he was okay and they kept telling me it was normal when babies begin to come out of it.. Sooo.. there wasn't much John or I could do but let him cry and try our hardest to console him. Finally able to leave- we packed him in the carseat and off we went- and guess who passed right out!! hahah
We got home and I put T in our bed- since this is his favorite place and I laid with him for alittle while until he fell back to sleep.. I got up and did som things around the house and decided it was time to nap as well.. So I joined T and we napped until noon.. a good 3 hours!! It was Fantastic!!

So all in all T is doing great- he is already a completly different baby - and you can tell he is feeling SO much better - All that build up and pressure was relieved and I am so glad it was..
He goes back to Day care on Friday and I go back to work. I wish I was able to stay home full time with my lil T, but I can't..

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