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Thursday, April 9, 2009

~9 Months Old~

Holy Shnikes!! 9 months has come so fast and we only have 3 months left till T turns 1-- WHOA!!! Time sure flies when you have a baby-
The sad thing is - the past 3 months we have had to deal with sickness after sickness and ear infections. The next 3 months and beyond I hope will be filled with happiness, new things, some more teeth, walking, talking etc.. Now that T has his tubes I am hoping these bring the relief that he has needed and we can be on the right path to wellness.

So 9 month stats: I won't know until next Tues - I had to postpone his well check because of his tubes, I think tubes was enough trauma for 1 week..
I do know: Tristan weighs 24lbs 15 oz he is 26 in long
He has no interest in crawling- he does army crawl but this would be backwards. He has started to drink out of a sippy cup - juice or water.. Holding his own bottle, he has been doing awesome walking with help and he has also started pulling him self up to his knees. He is eating more and more of our food - like spaghetti, turkey, ham, cheese, strawberries, bananas, apple puffs, and banana cookies.. He also likes green beans and corn.
He has 3 new teeth and one more coming in on the bottom.
Tristan is extremely smart and I wont be surprised if he starts talking early. He can somewhat say Ball, John and I are very attentive with him when we give him new toys etc we wok with him on what they called.. He can say Dog but it sounds more like Da, He says, Ma and he does say dada.. in one syllable.
Other than that - he is doing great - Easter is Sunday - So we will be going to get a haircut Sat and then get his 9 month pictures along with his 1st Easter pics. I might throw in a few summer pics. :0) I will post once I get them back..

That's the update.

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