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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

**Trash the Dress**

Yes you read that right!! I went and trashed my dress (wedding) this past weekend with a few other girls I know.
WHY on EARTH would you go and trash your dress, you ask? Well, WHY NOT??
You only get to wear it once and for maybe 8-10 hours and during that time you barely remember even wearing it.
I knew I had wanted to do this when I first got engaged and started searching the web for anything wedding related.. Yep crazy bride on the loose at that time..
When I came upon some sites and photographer sites that had done this, I thought this was so cool and something I could totally see myself doing. Now, I didn't exactly "trash" my dress - I just got it a little dirty but, their are some women out there who actually destroy there dresses and get crazy dirty with food, water, paint.. I just couldn't pull myself to do that. So we kept it pretty simple. Urban, chic, modern, FUN!!
So Sat morning I woke up early to get my Make up done yet again by my favorite make up artist who did my Wedding Make up and Bachorlette party make up - Amber from Glamberous Make up.. After that was done I headed down to the Arizona Science Center and met up with some of the other girls to get our party started.. We got dressed in the parking garage and I'm sure we got ALOT of looks and stares - Well I'm not just sure - I know we did.. hahah
My Photographer who shot my wedding pics - came out to do these for us. I knew she would do an amazing job and of course the pics I have seen so far are nothing short of amazing!!
It was such a beautiful day and I (we) had so much fun doing these.
Here ya go.... Now go trash your dress - if its not yet preserved or cleaned yet.. =)

~Bride Wars~

This one is my Favorite.

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Lisa said...

WORD to your mother!!! Love them!!