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Monday, May 4, 2009


This past weekend - I decided to take Tristan to a place called Gymboree its an interactive- gym- meet new babies and parents type of place.
I have been looking into doing these because I think it is beneficial for Tristan to be around other babies his age and its fun for me to be able to go and interact with him, teach him new songs and nursery rhymes, help with his motor, physical and mental skills. Get his butt CRAWLING.. haha I take that back- Tristan does know how to crawl just not the traditional way you would think they are "supposed" to crawl. Tristan always does things a little different and I definitely think he gets this from his Dad. He army crawls it across the floor. So he is mobile which is great.
I like this class we went to - but I was hoping for more of gymnastics class - I guess..
This class involved interacting and singing nursery rhymes at the same time which was fine but there was only 1 teacher to about 10 parents.. I definitely think they should have had more help.. Especially because none of the parents barely knew any of the nursery rhymes.. I know I didn't.

Tristan did have fun though, He climbed up the ramp and slide back down, we did airplane and also did parachute where you lay the kids on there backs and grab that big parachute lookin thing and flap it up and down over top of them (I'm not good at explaining things - so forgive me)
Anyway - he had a blast with that - cracking up which made all the other parents laugh..
I met a few people and of course Tristan flirted with some of the little girls.. To cute!!
He had some conversations with another little boy that came up to him (conversations meaning) SCREAMING back and forth at each other and laughing because they truly understood what the other was saying.. (Probably saying my parents think this shit is so fun!! HA!!!)

After the class - it was definitely time to take a nap and he sure did - as soon as we got home he passed out for a good 3- 4 hours.. I even took one!!

I am going to try out a few other Gyms around the valley - I just don't think Gymboree is exactly what I'm looking for - for him. I have contacted a few other places and we will see - the crappy thing is - is that some of these places aren't "work" friendly - meaning alot of there classes fall in the middle of the day when um hello I'm at work!! I need either after work or on Saturdays.. Anyway - we will see.. I'm sure I will post about each one - when I go with Tristan.

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