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Monday, April 13, 2009


I have a pretty cool camera - its small, compact I can take it wherever- fits in the diaper bag wonderfully etc..
But its old and like 5 mega pixels - I think I bought it I don't know about 4 years ago..

Well- I recently bought John a brand new camera last year for his early b-day gift- and the fact that we were going to be having a new baby I also wanted a nice camera to take some really nice photos. Well this camera is kinda big, bulky and I don't care for that. So I had no problems that it belonged to John.. Well guess who has taken over it - with my photographer wishing ways??!! ME!!

I love his camera- I don't like the fact that its huge but I love that it takes some quality pics - I mean high quality as in- I printed off some images from snap fish and sent them to Walgreen's I went to go pick them up and I was told I couldn't have the picture until I got the copyright..UMMM I took that picture!! I was not a happy camper. but that's how good that camera is- or maybe its the person behind the camera. hahah. J.K.

Anyway - I obviously know there is better cameras out there. I'm just being biased..
So my new project is to learn how to use this camera.. eeeek.. I typically just like to point and click and hope no one closes there eyes. I'm hoping I can get good - because once I start my scrap booking again I hope to have some amazing pics of the baby, John, adventures and trips.. I'm going to be "that"person who always has a camera- but how can you not- its so fun to look back at the things you did and the places you went- Especially for Tristan.. I want a million pictures with my kids- I don't even care if we are just sitting at home I want to remember those times and I want my kids to have pictures to remember us by as well as our grand kids etc.. So if you see a camera crazed person coming towards you snapping pics - Its me!!! :0)
So we will see how it goes..
If anyone reads this - do you have any tips on taking some nice pictures. I love pics that are in the moment, not constantly looking at me or saying cheese..
I will learn how to use this camera and once I am done learning how to use this camera I'm going to learn how to edit them.. weeee..
"More projects to my list" YAY!!

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