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Monday, March 16, 2009


That is what The T man will be getting in about 2 weeks.. Yep, we had yet another episode of constant crying and pulling, tugging at his ears last night.. I'm running on mmmm maybe 2 hours of sleep.. Sucks but I have a lot going on.
So today I called the specialist Ear Nose and Throat Doc to be exact since my Pediatrician gave it to me on Friday after T's recheck on fri. showing of course no progress in the medicine helping his ears heal up!! RIDICULOUS! This would be thanks to his Mom and Dad. We both were prone to ear infections as babies - I have had tubes in my ears twice and John once. If you don't have kids this is the dealio.. Babies are small :) So are there ears and there Eustachian tube which is "supposed" to drain fluid etc. Well, babies Eustachian tubes do not point down like adults do. They lay flat so to say.. So all that fluid has no place to go - which in turn causes bacteria - which causes an infection, then inflammation then fever and UNCONTROLLABLE crying and pain.. Yes its VERY painful and I know exactly what my little man is going through - its sucks and it hurts so bad.. So after doping him up on Tylenol, ear numbing drops and some TLC He finally feel asleep- elevated of course because this is the best way for them to sleep when they have earaches.. a heating pad would be great as well but I'm nervous leaving that in his crib all night and on since mine gets pretty hot even when on the lowest setting- Hot compresses work to and calm him down..
So this morning I called the Specialist and well what do ya know - I can't get in till next thurs. So I call my pedia back and tell them I need "something" anything to help him in the mean time. They called me back and said - we got you in with the Specialist.. YAY!! So I went and this is what they said.. He needs tubes. He has been on every medicine we can give him and he is not taking to it.. Tubes would be in your best interest and his.. So - that's what we will do. I have no other choice - unless I want him to suffer and I'm just not going to do that.. I know how it feels and I think it could probably be the worst feeling in the world.. I would even rank it worse than giving birth (well having a C-section) I would do that again over having an ear infection any day!!
So they are supposed to call me at the end of the week to let me know the details on his outpatient surgery, times and get an exact day. She also gave me some antibiotics to get me through the next ten days in hopes it clears up his ears some more and we can have a good week and weekend considering this week is going to be hectic for the Wedding!!
anyway - that's the update.. :0)


Amber and Brian said...

Oh no! Poor baby T! And a week before your wedding. So sorry. Hope he feels better ASAP!

Lisa said...

Hope he feels better for the wedding. Kaylee almost had to get tubes, had the appt. scheduled and everything and then never got another ear infection again. She had 9 in 3 months!! I am sure he will do great and be so much happier!!

Katie said...

I had tubes too, many times. So has Jason. I know that when we have a kid, we will be in your shoes. I hope it worked!