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Saturday, March 14, 2009

~~Ha Ha OOPs~

Well, I decided instead of Taking T to get his hair cut - I figured - Shoot he's a boy how bad could I possibly F*ck up my sons hair!! Well.. i f*cked it up pretty good.. ::bites finger::

I put the fader on the clippers - they have one for the left ear and the right ear (very helpful) HAHA maybe if your a pro.. so I go to clip it and ...zzzzzz Right off - there goes that hair.. OH SHIT I ruined his hair.. so now I'm like okay what do I do?? so I take the fader and try to fade it in.. HA!!! Yay right.. it just kept getting worse.. ( I suck) no wonder I never wanted to be a hairstylist! Well- my T man has a hair cut and the sides of his head look dumb.. so if you look at one side it looks completely different than the other. OOPS!!
Maybe John can fix it when he gets home and if not Tristan has a week for it to grow some.. hahha
Note to self.. Never attempt to cut T's hair AGAIN!!

Pictures to come.. ....

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Yes, you better post pics. I have to see this! Oh no...