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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


WOOOHOOO~~ I'm so excited to say that I am now a Trevino!!
My (our) Wedding was Amazing, awesome, unforgettable, timeless and so worth all the stress I went through to get to March 21, 2009. My day started out pretty good - got a little behind, no biggie- until the freeway was shut down and had to figure out a detour - on our detour my sis got a call saying two of my girls and my flower girl were sick and throwing up. WONDERFUL!! They were still on there way but also running late..
My Mom was running late because our hair appt's ran into her appt - so needless to say it was a mess but I took it for what it was and went with it. Got to the hotel - checked in - met up with amber to get my make up done, the girls arrived and the rush began!! Eeekk. We were supposed to be at Villa Siena t 2:30 so we could get in our dresses and start pics at 3 ish.. ummm Ya didn't happen, Melayna's dress was wrong.. Well, not her dress but the sash color was WAY off but I just said its all good - go with it..
finally everyone was ready - we booked it to Villa Siena.. Unloaded and got in our bridal suite.. Girls started dressing and thats when the stress began for me..
I was finally able to get into my dress and I felt like a rock star.. We started taking pics.. and as I was standing in the hall waiting - OUT walks John in such a rush that he stopped and said OH SHIT -- YES he saw me before he was supposed to!! UGH!! Kinda pissed me off but nothing to get to upset over.. :0)
took some pics with the girls, and my mom and some by myself. Then it was time to refresh and go see John for (the 1st time) ah hem 2nd time.. hahah They set him up out side in the courtyard back towards me and I was able to go up and tap him on the back.. It was a great moment to see each other after not being able to all morning and just knowing I was marrying this man in front of me, made my smile shine!! John looked HAWT!!! all the boys looked hot but John looked so handsome. We were able to get some of our photos out of the way and then got the rest of the crew and took some pics to get them out of the way.. We got some great family pics as well.. Time to sign our license and get that sucker out of the way.. Signed sealed and delivered!! DONE!!
Then off to our bridal suite to get touched up, take a breather and get ready to walk down that aisle.. The girls left me and I was by myself and it got very quit and I started shedding a few tears.. at that moment I wished my Dad was there, at that moment I missed him much more than I think I have in a REALLY long time.. I pulled myself together and it was TIME!!
I walked into the cocktail room to wait my turn.. My stomach was turnin with butterflies..
As I heard the music start I peeked my head around and watched my Jr. BM go - then my 1st Bm and I lost it.. Shit shit shit I said,, I pulled myself together and peeked again.. started to lose it and pulled myself away.. the music stopped and suddenly it was my turn.. Kim said you ready.. umm YEP!! My song started.. and NOPE no longer ready.. I lost it.. Tears and everything.. My Flower girl went and it was my turn - got myself out there to walk and needed to breathe, kinda like when I was having Tristan.. haha
YA Lamaze breathing is what I had to do!!
Began my walk and was still trying to keep it together.. i saw my Lil nephew and my Lil Tristan being pulled in the wagon and it brought a smile to my face. My Brothers met me on either side of the fountain and My brother Jason said, "you ready",.. I took a breathe and said Yep..
I stared at John the entire time I walked up.. WOW that was the hardest thing I had ever done.. Trying to keep it together, breathe and smile all at the same time is HARD!!
Our Ceremony lasted about 30 minutes and it was beautiful - at least from what I can remember.. After I got into my dress everything after that point pretty much is a blur to me unless I see pics and then I can remember..
After the ceremony - We had some pics to take with family etc.. We got drinks and we got to see our ballroom for the first time!! AMAZING!!! It was BEAUTIFUL! Words could not describe how I felt at that moment.. it was just a dream.. and it was coming true!! everything came together so nicely. My centerpieces, the candy buffet the tables, just everything.. :0)

time for our grand entrance - our bridal party entered to Rock Star by the Shop boys!! Great song.. and John and I entered to Swagga like us by T.I..
We decided to do dinner first then, toasts then our 1st dance.
Our food was awesome, nothing but compliments, My sister and Justin (John's BM) gave their toasts. and it was time for our first dance..
John and I took dance lessons for this - and then John choreographed it to match our song which is Me and You by Kenny Chesney.. He did an awesome job!!
We got out on the dance floor and to fool everyone we just swayed back and forth for about 30 secs until our cue went off and bam we hit the floor with our Moves!! Everyone started yelling and shouting and cheering us on. I think we shocked everyone - It was a great moment and Me and john just laughed.. I felt like a princess gliding on the floor and taking our turns and spins was awesome. I messed up one step because I kept worrying about me stepping on my dress and falling.. Other than that - We rocked our 1st dance!!
After our dance everyone came up to us- and kept saying No way, I can't believe you got John to take dance lessons.. HA little did they know he really knows how to dance and he did the moves for our dance.. heehee..
All in all - we had an amazing night.. We danced and sang, plenty of drinking, and plenty of memories to cherish.. I had the time of my life and I am so glad that we didn't give up and say lets go to Vegas, like I had wanted to so so so many times. After 2 1/2 yrs of planning ~ I definitely got the best wedding a girl could of asked for. I have so many to thank for it and it wouldn't of happened if it wasn't for certain people in my life and for that I am grateful!!
and with that being said I leave you with a Slide show of some of our Wedding images, photographed by the BEST Photographers out there! Shelly and Brandon Ivy.
Turn up your volume and enjoy.. ~I'm Married~

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Lisa said...

YAY!!! CONGRATS Mrs. Trevino : )

I am so happy that I got to be there for your special day. It was amazing, eveything turned out perfect, and you looked beautiful!!