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Saturday, March 14, 2009

~Last Weekend I'm a Hahn~

WEIRD!!! This will be my last and final weekend/ week that I am a Hahn because next Sat at 5:30 ish I will become a Trevino!! YIKES!! I can't believe its here. Its coming fast and there is NO stopping it..

I'm definitely stressed- and I will admit I've been pretty snippy with John. (well a Bitch is more like it) but when things start to feel out of my control I get anxious and nervous and very overwhelmed. I need to relax and I tell my self this I'm sure like 50 million times a day but mmm I can't. Still overwhelmed, anxious, moody.. eeek..

I am excited to say the least.. This weekend - I'm going to get all the final things done - I have to go over to my Mom's house to help clean up her back yard for all the family coming in and also for the Rehearsal Dinner on Thursday. So that should be exciting (not) I hate doing yard work - especially my Mom's because her yard is huge!! Bleh..

John is going to a car show in Cali - So Me and T will be on our own.. I think I might go get his pictures done and a "haircut" if I have some time. I can cut his hair here but I want it to look good for the Wedding so I'm really thinking about just taking him, I will post pics.. should be interesting.. Heehee.. :0)

Stay tuned for that..

1 comment:

Lisa said...

YAY...its almost here!! F.I.N.A.L.L.Y!