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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

8 Months Old!

Yep ~ Yep~ The T man is 8 months old and growing big and strong.
He is definitely turning more into a little boy than a baby and its weird to say that because he is only 8 months old, but he doesn't look like a baby. He has a full head of hair, thick and brown and thickening by the day. He has 2 teeth and a few more on the way. Eating solids like a champ and even some grown up foods like, re fried beans, mashed up green beans, very thin sliced apples and umm LEMONS.. hah! He likes lemons.. ~bitter face~ eeekk.. he also likes, ice cream, and drinking from our water bottles..
He is finally feeling better and back to his normal self, I probably shouldn't even say anything since I'm sure I will jinx it! Ugh.. Anyway - He's doing good and hopefully we can put this behind us and have a happy and healthy rest of the year!
He still won't crawl but is very ready to walk and like I explained in the last post he can scoot- as long as he is on the tile and not on his mat.. he goes backwards.. its pretty funny.
He has hit the separation phase, and the shyness phase as well, and I say "phase" as I hope he will grow out of it very quickly. I will say its cute to be wanted more over his Dad but when your trying to cook or do things around the house and as your walking back and forth all you hear is your whiny baby its kinda hard just to ignore.. and now instead of being that flirt he was - he now turns his head and starts to whine.. ~weird~ haha
I don't have time to upload his 8 month pics so I will post them tomorrow or Friday..
sorry - I have alot going on..
so that's all i have for updates. All is well.. and My wedding is in 10 days!!! YIKES!!He's going to hate me when he's older.. Showin all them ladies what a chubs my T man is splish splashin in the bath tub!! weeee......


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Amber and Brian said...

he's just too cute! i love the second picture he's like, "enough with the pictures lady!"