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Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Countdown Begins!!

20 days until I am a married woman!! Whew.... finally!!
It seems so surreal that I'm actually going to be getting married on March 21 and I have 20 days left and everything about this wedding is real!! I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm scared.. i just want everything to go off with out a hitch and I understand there is always 1 thing that could and probably will go wrong but I would rather not think that and hope and pray that everything goes accordingly!!
I went for my first fitting on Sat. I was sooo scared my dress was not going to fit- with the first attempts to get into in December were very discouraging. I have been busting a move at the gym and eating healthy and have lost a total of 66 1/2 lbs and that is counting from when I was 38 weeks prego..
When I went for my dress I was 5 months pregnant -so imagine them telling me I needed to be like 4 sizes bigger than what I normally am and then fighting with them to drop the size down and then of course my disappointment when I was unable to get into my dress in December..
Sat was a relief.. i was so thrilled that she zipped me right up and had no problems, I will admit though it is tight in my chest area along with my back,I have always had a bigger back (bigger frame to be exact) thanks dad. So I have some back fat going on.. I have 2 weeks to work on that and hope that some of it will disappear. if not, at this point I really don;t care. If people are more concerned in noticing my back fat than enjoying my wedding I will probably kick there ass.. hahah
anyway - Things are definitely coming along, I had my bridal shower which went so well and I couldn't of asked for it to be better!! My sister truly does know how to throw parties and we all had an amazing time!! My bachelorette party is this Sat.. I can't wait.. and then that will leave me with 2 weeks to go before the BIG DAY!! Its going to be super crazy, super fun and I'm excited to see all my family and FINALLY walk down that aisle to the man I love and couldn't possibly live with out!!


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Amber and Brian said...

Awww you will look beautiful! I had gained some weight due to stress before my wedding and I had back fat too, but it was no biggie. everyone will think you're beautiful. Congrats on loosing so much weight! wow! You go!

See you saturday!