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Monday, February 9, 2009

7 Months old!

Tristan is 7 months old today!! WOW - WOW WOW~~ 7 months, Tristan is growing and learning and keeps me and John entertained!! Who needs a T.V. when you have 7 month old, full of energy, smiles, laughs and so much more??!!
Tristan - started daycare and with in the first 2 weeks of being there he became sick with mild RSV. Which SUCKS!! Having a sick child is horrible, you feel so bad because there is nothing you can do to help them- medicine and lots of snuggles really don't do the trick. Although I like to think it does!! Snuggles especially!! He is getting better and had a follow up on his 7 month Birthday (Monday) so I asked the girls to weigh and measure him!!
At his 6 month he was 23 lbs 13 oz and 28 1/4 in long - Well at 7 months he weighed in at 23lbs even(lost weight) and was 29 1/2 in long!! He grew!! I knew he did- his little legs no longer fit in 6-9 month clothing he needs 12 month because of the length. His little rolly polly belly is thinning out and he is just so damn cute!!
He makes the cutest and funniest faces!! Daycare has already taught him so many new things, some not so good but hey its learning right? He has learned how to wave, say dada, SCREAM!!! and throw fits!! Oh yes.. I said fits!! hahha When he doesn't get something right then and there he gets so made, clinches his fists and crinkles his nose and screams!! I think its funny and laugh at him and that just adds to his anger.. I wish I had the recorder at those moments!!
We did take a step backwards with solids, but you know what I'm really not worried about it!
I started feeding him veggies, I started with the oranges and he did great on those, then he got sick and solids had to take a backseat. He really had no interest in eating anything but his bottle and even that was hard to get him to eat..
So its been about 3 weeks and he still will not go back on veggies, only cereal- Oatmeal and banana to be exact, and just plain oatmeal. I mix fruits with both of those. I'm planning to start him back up again next week on green veggies and see what he does..

As far as crawling, Yea NOT going to happen.. He refuses to be on his belly and I have insisted that Kathy our daycare lady - put him on his belly in order to start learning, but she said he refuses, cries and cries and i know she lets him cry - not for a long time maybe 1 or 2 minutes but its really not even a cry its a whine!! I do the same at home, and no luck..
He would rather see the world sitting up or laying on his back rolling side to side. He can roll from back to tummy and tummy to back, but when on his back he knows that if he rolls to far he will be on his belly and that is just not okay!! I'm telling you he's a funny little guy!!
He loves his walker and gets around the house in that - he also loves the jumpero-
He gets a kick out of the dogs especially when they come up to him and lick his face or sneeze, I'm not not quite sure whats so funny about our dogs sneezing but he sure thinks it is!!
So here are some 7 month old pics..

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Stacey said...

He's getting so big and he's so cute!