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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

1st Weightloss Goal Hit

Yep As of Yesterday I have hit my first weight loss goal,
I am down 60lbs from the last time I was weighed in at 38weeks pregnant. and down 27lbs after pregnancy till today!! You have no idea how excited I am to be falling out of my jeans, although I hate the fact that they hang on me but its a great feeling. I won't be shopping anytime soon, I want to wait until I'm at least down to my 2nd goal - which is another 10lbs by March 1 which will be first fitting for my dress. I'm pretty sure I can get there.. uh, hello I have lost 60lbs!! All this for my Wedding, I can't believe I will be walking down the aisle in about a month and a half!! Seemed so far away and actually once was, and now time is just flying. Tristan is getting so big, has 2 teeth, talks(babbles) up a storm, waves hi, and waves bye bye.. Come my wedding my little boy will be 8 months old and the next thing I will be planning is his 1st b-day party!! Which I can't wait to do, but can!!
So anyway - got off topic..
I'm so hoping I rock out my Wedding Dress.. That's all I can think about while I'm on the elliptical or the treadmill or doing my cardio classes thinking I can't go any longer and then I shift my mind over to "YES, I can, I have to look HOT in my Dress"!! Works for me every time!!
If I keep this up I will be back the weight I met John at in the first place, but I'm not looking to that goal just yet!!!
I'm goin strong and I'm feelin pretty good about myself- so Cheers to Me!! ;)
Just one of my Favorite pics of Me and John..

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