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Thursday, January 29, 2009

2 Teeth!

YEP!! Tristan officially has 2 teeth now!! The second one popped its way through the other night!! Poor thing, He's sick- with coughing, and runny nose and teething all at the same time..
Its hard to get a pic of them because whenever I try he sticks his tongue out so I can't get the picture!! His little teefers are sharp though.. Ya know how puppy's have those razor sharp teeth, ya these would be pretty comparable. Except he doesn't bite as hard as little puppies do.. Hahah. He's 6 1/2 months.. he's got 2 teeth and started daycare and is sick.. All in this one month!!! Talk about growth spurt if you ask me! It does suck having a sick baby - I feel pretty helpless and the fact that babies can't just "kick" it like us adults can. Really Sucks!!
HE is getting better though, still pretty congested but when I give him his breathing treatments he seems to do way better.. Wish i could attach that thing to my hip!!

On another note we are leaving for Mexico tomorrow night - just for a quick trip. It's going to be me, my sister and her husband along with my FI and all the kiddos!! Should be fun - We Haven't traveled with Tristan yet!! mmm... Wonder how this shall go,.. I will fill ya in when we return!!
and of course with Pics!! Hopefully it will be nice enough to go down to the beach and get some pics of T..

Anyway - that's my update as of now..
Business still sucks!! Come on people.. Open up them wallets and start spending and banks you do the effin same, damn it!!!! :0)

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