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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wedding Checks!!

YEP YEP!! I have three checks off my list!! YEA!! I am so happy about this!
So today John, Tristan and myself headed out to get some wedding stuff done and checked off my list. We went and registered at Target and Bed, bath and Beyond! Hope fully we get alot of the things we asked for, it would definitely be nice to have some of our OWN things, Not things we had left over from when, we were with our ex's etc.. So we will see.
We also went and got our rings, I love Johns ring. Its very unique and I know he really likes it - which means he will wear it! I love the ring I chose as well. With the fact that my E-ring was made by John - there was no matching wedding band to go with it, and I didn't want a new set. So i picked a band that matches as close as possible. I love it. We are going to upgrade my diamond soon but I could really care less. So that's marked off the list. We also went and got John's Tux picked along with all the Gm's picked. Thank goodness. I feel like those 3 check marks on my list were just lingering and never going to get done. Well today - it was finally done!
Other than that - Our Sat. was busy!! We were supposed to go watch the Cardinals play, I told John just to go and Me and T stayed home to watch from the comfort of my couch!! :0)
The Cardinals kicked some ass tonight I hope they can keep it up!! GO CARDINALS!

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